11th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 11th EUI consortium meeting will take place at PMOD, starting the 12th March and finishing on 14th March, 2013.
  • 1st day:
    • Science & technical splinters
  • 2d day:... [more]
5th Solar Orbiter Workshop
The 5th Solar Orbiter Workshop will take place in Brugge, Belgium, from Monday September 13 to Thursday September 13, 2012.
Friday September 14 will be dedicated to a Science Working Team (SWT) meeting.
The worksh... [more]
10th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 10th EUI consortium meeting will take place at IAS, starting the 23th October at 14:00 and finishing on 25th October at 12:00, 2012.
  • 1st day:
    • management
    • current issues
    • ... [more]
9th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 9th EUI consortium meeting will be held at MSSL, starting the 14th May at 14:00 and finishing on 16th May.
The 15th May will be a series of splinters. One that is already fixed is the remote sensing working group t... [more]
Solar Orbiter Selection
We are pleased to announce that on October 3 Solar Orbiter has been selected by ESA as one of the two next M-class science missions (with Euclid).
More informations about the selected instruments can be found   [more]
7th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 7th EUI consortium meeting will take place from October 19 am to October 21 ... [more]
6th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 6th EUI consortium meeting will take place from June 20 pm to June 2... [more]
4th Solar Orbiter Workshop
The fourth Solar Orbiter worshop will take place in Telluride, Colorado, USA, from March 27 to March 31, 2011
The Fourth Solar Orbiter workshop is organized around sessions addressing the mission's main scientific obje... [more]
5th EUI Consortium Meeting
The 5th EUI consortium meeting will take place from February 2 pm to February 4 am in Paris @ IAS.
  • 1/2 day(2nd pm) for project evolution summary
  • 1 day(3rd all day) on what needs to be frozen for sci... [more]
SO entered the definition phase
On the 18th of Febraury 2010, Solar Orbiter has been selected by the ESA's Science Programme Committee as one of the M-class missions that enter the so-called ``definition phase'', the last st... [more]
III Solar Orbitr Workshop
On May 2009 the III Solar Orbiter Workshop was held in Sorrento, Italy. The decision of NASA to drop the Sentinels Mission had a stong impact on the SO orbiter mission objectives. Infact they heve been previously re-defined ... [more]
Solar Orbiter preliminaty payload selection
On March 2009 the EUI suite has been selected (together with other 9 instuments) to be part of the scientific payload of Solar Orbiter mission. This important decision was takes aft... [more]